Our Family

These beautiful family photos were taken by Elna from PHOTOFEAST


I am married to a very handsome Australian who swept me off my feet during a missions trip to Kenya in 2005. He is the one who keeps me grounded when I'm getting too carried away, cheers me on to become the best I can be, and keeps me laughing all the way! He is a practical joker, a wonderful cook-for-crowds, and the best Daddy our children could ever have asked for!

Joyful Mama

I am a work in progress! I earned a Bachelors degree in Literature, then trained and worked as a journalist for a communications company, before travelling to the United States for a two year stay. Upon my return I taught at a public school in our area, and left teaching after four years to start my own business doing murals for children's rooms. I decorated numerous nurseries and play rooms until I was too pregnant with my first chlild to get up a ladder, and  eversince I've been  a full-time mom, thrifty home maker,mediocre cook, Internet-addict (I LOVE learning about stuff!) and a part-time consultant for educational toys. I am all for breastfeeding, eating wholesome, natural foods, wooden toys and being my husband's help meet!  I don't like Barbie, MSG, preservatives, immodesty, and TV.


Our gorgeous two-year old daughter! Her middle name should have been Joy - she is an exhuberant bundle of laughs and enjoyment with a tremendous curiosity into everything that goes on in the world around her. She loves books and NOTHING makes her happier than settling in for a good read with Mamma or Daddy on the comfy couch in our living room. She has her dad wrapped tightly around her little finger and can almost always squeeze another bed-time story out of him by batting those long, dark eyelashes! Her favourite Bible-character is Don Bacca (John the Baptist in toddler-ese!). We have no idea how this came about, but she squeals with delight whenever she sees the picture of (a rather savage-looking) John in her 'Read with me Bible'.  She is the world's greatest lover of music and spends hours dancing with her reflection in the black glass of the oven door. (The hi-fi is nearby on a counter in our open-plan kitchen/living room!) Her favourite songs at the moment is "I've been working on the Railroad', 'Skip to my Lou' and anything with a Hallelujah in!


Our cuddle-liscious 7-month old baby boy! He's super-busy and since he started crawling a few weeks ago, he keeps his mamma running to get things out of his mouth or to rescue him out from under furniture. His favourite thing is his big sister - as long as she's around, he's just as happy as a piggy in the mud! And I suppose it would only be fair after what I said about his sister and her little finger, to admit that this little boy has ME wrapped around his! He has a VERY healthy appetite (I breastfeed and he started solids at 6 months), sleeps oh, so well (thank you, boy!) and has the most delightful disposition!


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