Thursday, May 26, 2011

Play and Learn with Mama - Handa's Surprise Part 2

The highlight of our week of activities inspired by the beautiful book Handa's Surprise, had to have been the day we made a Handa Fruit Salad!

We used the book itself as our recipe book and added the ingredients according to the order in the story.

All the fruit mentioned in the book. Guavas were the only fruit that weren't in season, so we used the tinned variety.

We practiced peeling...



...some more slicing...

...another kind of scooping...
...and more peeling. (Please notice the empty chair in the background  - our littlest helper  went MIA halfway through the salad making!)

And the best part was enjoying the fruit of our labour in the garden! (The kikoi they sat on is another treasure I bought during a trip to Kenya a few years ago)

The next day we used the left over fruit to make delicious smoothies for a snack time treat.

There was also...

transferring scented wooden fruit using an ice tongs...

transferring smaller fruit and veggies with another kind of tongs...

and we made beautiful 'stained glass' fruit from tissue and contact paper!

And finally...we visited the Mooiberge Strawberry Farm just outside Stellenbosch and although we were not able to pick our own berries, the children loved the bright and cheery junk sculptures and scarecrows in the play area!!


  1. Oh, this look delicious and so much fun!
    May I pass on a tip? While you are pregnant stay away from bananas, unless you have high blood pressure! Banana is high in Potassium, which cause low blood pressure and often cause you to be even more tired during pregnancy.
    Blessings, my Friend!

  2. Hi Linnie - thanks for the tip -I can use all the extra energy I can get, so I will definitely follow your advice!


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