Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Best!

I found the following little piece in a wonderful study manual by Nancy Campbell called "The Power of Motherhood - What the Bible says about mothers." This book had a tremendous impact on me and my approach to motherhood. (You can get more information on this book and details on how to order it, at Linnie's blog, Back to Ancient Ways ). The original version appeared in a copy of LLL News. May this inspire you for the week ahead!

"With all the gadgets and labour-saving devices on the market for babies nowadays, I thought I'd try to find the best of each. I was not surprised to find that:

The BEST infant seat is mother's arms.
The BEST baby swing is mother's lap in a rocking chair.
The BEST stroller is mother's body.
The BEST nursery record is mother's own heartbeat.
The BEST lullaby record is mother's singing, and of course,
The BEST food, pacifier, electric warmer, and tranquilizer can be found at mother's breast."

Written by Sally Simmons

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