Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Product Launch!

Two new products were launched into the Play2Learn range, about which I am just super excited! Both are still a bit advanced for my two sprouts, but I am quite willing to 'break it in' until Sweetpea and ArrowBoy are old enough.

The first is a perrenial favourite with educational and occupational therapists, and is called Color Code. (Years ago there was a Smile product called Line Up which was very similar, but had been discontinued).  Color Code is great for logic thinking, spatial awareness and visual analysis and synthesis. (OK, I had to go look that last one up myself...And here is the short explanation: It is the ability to break a visually presented item into its component parts (analysis) and then to put the component parts together once again (synthesis)).

        *As I was typing that just now, two other products came to mind which does the same.
          I'll write a post about it when I'm done here and call it Visual Discrimination, so keep
          a look out for that!*

It is also excelent for problem solving!

So here's how it works: You get a tile stand, a pattern booklet and perspex tiles with coloured shapes on them. You then have to copy the design in in the pattern booklet using your tiles. Easy? Yes, the ones in the strater section are quite straightforward, but keep in mind that the game is designed for ages 6 to 99 (So if you want to become 99 years old, buy this game!), so the problems become progressively more difficult.

The other new product in the Play2Learn line is called Zoob. This is a very intelligent construction toy, and what I like about it is that the things you build, can MOVE! At a consultants meeting we put together a man called Zoobdude and because of the way the pieces fit together, we had him walking, bending and even doing gymnastics on a bar built out of a string of other pieces. The particular set I'll be marketing is the Zoob75. They come in sets of 15, 20, 35, 55 and 60, but when you buy the 75-piece set, you get the instructions booklets for all the other sets as well.
Zoob giraffe

And here is the really nifty part: There is great Zoob website at One of its features is a Gallery with pictures sent in by children from all over the world. Click on KIDS, choose the Zoob 75 Kids Galley and see all the amazing things children are doing with Zoob. And THEN......


Until the end of April 2010, you can win a set Zoob 75. Here's how:
1. Place an order with me for Zoob 75 between now and 30 April 2010.
2. Built something exciting with your set.
3. Send in your picture for publication on the infinitoys website 
4. If your picture is accepted, you are entered into a draw to win...
Another brand new, super cool set of Zoob 75!
5. ALL entrants whose photos are featured on the website receive 10% discount on the next set of Zoob 75 they purchase before the end of May 2010.

Only one entry per household.


  1. Hi Magrietjie, I saw Zoob in the shop just the other day and thought it would be a great buy for my son. He loves construction toys. It was rather pricey though :-( What are you selling the Zoob 75 for? Thanks, Nikki

  2. Hi Nikki! I sell the Zoob 75 at R250 per set. It's great value for a toy that will grow with your child as his skill levels develop, and the set comes with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer, so you know it will last. Good to hear from you and thanks for visiting! Grietjie


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