Monday, May 17, 2010

Duo Puzzle

I love love love wooden toys...
for their feel and their look and their smell and their sound!

And one of my favourites at the moment is

Here is how it works:

Pick a design from the pack of laminated designs cards, which are graded from Starter to Master.

Then use the bright & beautiful wooden puzzle pieces to first build the bottom layer....

and then finish it off with the top layer...

You can then check your design against the completed picture on the other side of the card.
To help my little girl focus, I covered the second picture while we worked on the bottom layer.

More advanced little puzzle lovers have to work straight from the double layer picture!

And here's another idea for using this lovely game with younger toddlers:
Scan the design and then print onto an A4 page. Let your little one then arrange the puzzle pieces straight onto the design!
What a f u n way to help little eyes practice visual discrimination, colours and shapes!

This game belongs in your child's toy collection! You can order it from me by clicking here. Duo Puzzle is availible at R180, excl. postage, but if you live in the Durbanville area, stop in for a cup of tea and save on the postage!

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