Sunday, May 30, 2010

FUN FUN FUN on the Farm!

Friends of ours own a beautiful thirteen hectares of farmland just outside of Durbanville,
on which their daughter hosts farm and Survivor-themed parties for children.
So on saturday morning a bunch of us bundled our children into
 warm coats and gumboots,
and braved the early-morning chill for some
Farmyard Fun!
My friend Georgia came along with her youngest, and took some of the photos you see here (You can see more of her gorgeous photography on her blog, Love and Lollipops)

The morning was crisp and beautiful and we soon forgot about the cold when the
pulled up to take us for a ride around the farm!

There were 26 of us on the trailer!

We saw ducks and chickens, cows and horses, and laughed at the
pot-bellied piglets
cavorting in the paddock.

After the tractor ride we took a walk up the dirt road to go
feed the animals:
There were
carrots and apples
 for the horses and the pot-belly family,
and the chickens got fed, too!

Sweetpea was particularly fond of the
mama sow,
and kept stroking her and  talking sofltly to her.

Then it was time to collect freshly laid eggs from the chicken coop!

Oi! Whatcha lookin' at?!

In her excitement my daughter tripped and fell in a nice big, sloshy puddle of
She was covered in muck, but through her tears kept saying:
"I am a little bit wet, I am a little bit wet!" Now there was an understatement!
Anyway, we hosed her off, changed into a clean pair of pants and in no time she was off playing on the old tractors again!
(Thanks, Delia, for capturing the moment - I had my hands full!)
After all that 'Farm work' we enjoyed steaming cups of tea and coffee with muffins while the children chased some chickens and enjoyed the gorgeous sunshine that by now was pleasantly baking on our backs.

Thanks to all the families who joined us - we had great fun and I think this should become a regular event!

Contact Chane from Gumboot Parties via her website,
There is also a beautiful nursery on the farm, and experienced nurserymen to give you great advice on WaterWise plants, landscape design and all things green and lovely!
Contact Gan Eden Nursery at (021)975-4646

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