Thursday, August 19, 2010

Some super-fun Fish crafts

Hope you are not all fished-out yet, because we are still having oceans full of fishy fun around here! Since paint and glue are the two most amazing substances as far as Sweetpea is concerned,  we've been using a lot of both to create some fantastic sea creatures!

After reading the book Bright Stanley by Matt Buckingham ( you can order your own copy by clicking on the link below), we talked a bit about how fish are covered in scales. I bought a stack of really excellent books on sealife from Bargain Books last week, so we paged through them in search for pictures of fish with scales, and learnt that not all animals that live in the ocean have scales: Some have skin, others have feathers and still others, like seahorses are covered in flat protective shields!

After all that it was time to get busy with some glue and paper scales, and here is what we came up with:
(I just CANNOT get this picture to go the right way - aaargh! But you get the idea!)

And since Sweetpea has a newfound fascination with JELLYFISH, we had to make one of those, too! I cut a paper plate in half and she painted it green. When it had dried, we used sponge stamps to create an interesting texture on top of the green. Lastly we smeared plenty of white glue to the back of the 'head' and glued on the tentacles. Of all our fishy crafts, this one is Sweetpea's favourite by far! We stuck it up against the glass sliding door and it looks beautiful when the sun shines through the cellophane!

Our friend Trudie from Fun with Little mouse gave Sweetpea this sticker set and she spent an entire afternoon recreating the story of Nemo on the pretty background sheet. Thanks, Trudie!


  1. Love the fish and jellyfish!! Really nice crafts and your pics are great!!!

  2. Pleasure! Just happy that Sweetpea enjoyed it! BTW love the new blog look.


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