Monday, August 9, 2010

What a beautiful baby!

This darling little donkey foal was recently born on my sister and her husband's farm and I couldn't resist posting these photos to share the cuteness with you all. I think it looks like the little fellow is wearing a really fluffy hat!

My brother-in-law shared with us that donkeys make really good mothers and are very protective of their young. For this purpose they are kept on the farm: see, they are put out to graze with pregnant cows or cows with young calves, to protect the young calves from jackals. One kick from a protective donkey mama is enough to kill a jackal.

I think there's a beautiful and encouraging little lesson here for us mamas who have friends with very young babies, who might be feeling a little overwhelmed at times...As that new mommy tries to find her feet in this wonderful adventure that is motherhood, let's not be the jackals who critisize and attack. Instead, may we rally around the new mom and give her space to find her and her baby's own, unique rythm. Let us strive to be a blessing, always.

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