Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Birthday Lapbook activities

   Sweetpea was really excited about her birthday this year, so we made the experience last a little while longer by making a lovely Birthday Lapbook that we worked on every day of her birthday week.

   The cover:

   (It is in Afrikaans and  says It's my birthday!, My birthday is on 2 January, and I am now 3 years old.)

She followed the dotted lines to complete the number 2 and 3...

For the inside we needed cupcake pictures. I found this idea in a book called 365 Things to Draw and Paint. I first painted some cupcake shapes, and then we mixed craft paint with white glue, which we slathered on top for the frosting. Added some glitter and other decorations and drew faces.

I added a little pocket for birthday candles and drew dots (1 - 4) below each cupcake. She had to count the dots and put that number of candles on each cupcake.

I printed these Birthday Candle Shapes from The Activity Mom, and she loved this!!

Drawing on the dotted lines to add a string to each balloon.

Finally, we added prints of her hand and foot - it will be fun to come back next year and see how she's grown!! 


  1. Lovely ideas!! I really love the Lapbook you created - I agree, it will be great fun to see how she's grown this time next year! And your blog looks great too!!

  2. Hi Gerogia! Thanks, I did the 'facelift' in two hours flat while the children were napping...or I should say, I THOUGHT they were napping...turns out Sweetpea was having a ball with her puzzles all the while! Just needed something fresh for the fresh new year. Thanks for your kind comment. Xxx

  3. Joyful mama,thanks for commenting on my blog.I really likethis lapbook.I must make one before it's too late :)


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