Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sweetpea's third birthday

 My sweet daughter turned three the day after New Year's. This midsummer baby of mine awoke to a dreary, rainy, windy the middle of summer...after days and days of excruciating heat!! 

  It is a  tradition in our house for the birthday person to enjoy something utterly delicious and completely un-breakfast-y first thing on their special day, and since Sweetpea is the world's greatest cupcake lover....

We had her birthday party three days later...on the second day of a sweltering heat wave that hit the Cape that week!! Can you stand it?!

So...we had the air conditioning cranked up to the max inside, and then, when all the little guests had arrived, we ran outside to snap some pictures, sing the birthday song, blow...and blow...and blow out the candles, and cut the cake. 

That was about as much as any of us could stand and the frosting on that cake was melting..FAST!!, so we grabbed the bambinos and the eats and got ourselves back inside as quickly as we could! There we parked the children on the carpet for a birthday picnic while we all sat back and enjoyed the coolness! 

After we had recovered a bit, we braved the sun again for a quick splash in the blow-up pool, but they wilted pretty fast, and there were few complaints when we said it was time to go back in. I am happy to say that they then had a great play indoors and that Sweetpea was ecstatic to have all her buddies over!

The balloons to the right of the banner exploded in the heat just as the first guests arrived...

I made the little Minnie Mouse Cake Topper  and she now loves playing with it!

I love you, my little book-lover, play-phone-chatterer, hugs-giver, belly-laugh-factory-on-legs!!

Thanks to my dear friends Georgia and Este for the gorgeous photographs! Check out more of Georgia's eye candy and crafts at Love and Lollipops!


  1. What a sweet little party. Immy's third birthday is just a month away and I think we will be facing a very hot day as well as our summer is proving very hot so far. I am thinking about an early evening party in the hope it may start to cool down?!?!

    I love your pictures, the tables look so beautiful and your gorgeous sweetpea looks so happy :)

  2. Hi Christie! Oh, I think an early evening party is SUCH a good idea! My first thought was that you could then use sparklers - with proper parental supervision, of course, but what fun that could be! I look forward to seeing what you came up with. Thanks for stopping by! xxx


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