Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Drum roll, please: I am back!!

   It feels SO good to sit here and type up a blog post again...I have really, really missed these late-night writing sessions, a cup of tea next to my keyboard and the quiet hum of the computer.

   I do apologise for the sudden disappearing act, but trust that you will understand when I say that I haven't been feeling up to much of anything  in the past three months, because...

  Yes, God in His infinite grace has decided to bless my womb once again and I am almost 15 weeks along in this pregnancy!! Yet, delighted as we all are here in the Joyful household, the first trimester has been very hard for me, with severe nausea and exhaustion. BUT, as with my last pregnancy, all that disappeared like clockwork the day I hit 13 weeks, and I am so relieved to be 'back in the saddle', so to speak, especially for my children's sake. I still suffer from back aches and really struggle to sleep at night, but I'll take that over the nausea anytime!!

    Thanks for all the caring e-mails to ask if all was well - it is good to be back!


  1. Congratulations. Hope all goes well and so glad you are back

  2. Hi Esther and Trudie, thanks for stopping by to say hello - it' is SO good to be blogging again!Lots of love to you both!


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