Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sweetie pies and cupcakes

   During a previous play date, Sweetpea and my cousin's young daughter spent an entire Saturday afternoon 'baking' some felt cupcakes in her play kitchen. They would mix imaginary dough in a tiny mixing bowl, stick the cakes in the oven for a while and then decorate their creations with the most splendid, invisible frosting and sprinkles. A tea party would follow, and then 'washing' of the dishes, and then they would start all over again, delighting me with their chef-ly conversations as I listened in from the kitchen.

   They had such fun that I couldn't wait to see what they would do if they had the real thing to work with, so about a week later we invited L over for some bona fide cupcake decorating!

Just after lunch and as soon as ArrowBoy was down for his nap, I set up the picnic table with everything they would need...

Bowls of yummy butter frosting in girlie colours...

...and a muffin tin full of goodies for each.

Two super-excited little chefs just itching to get started...

And then they were off!

Some of the creations...

And the very BEST part:


And of course I couldn't resist and had to join in...the Dad was quite happy with that when he tucked into these after work that afternoon.

   As you can well imagine, Sweetpea had a fairly intense sugar rush after all this, and she and I spent the remainder of the afternoon playing running games in the garden to get it all out of her system!!!

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  1. Oooh these look so yummy! Can I suggest a similar playdate for me and you some time!! :)


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