Saturday, April 2, 2011

A 'FELT good' weekend!

    I just love all this creative energy that starts to course through my veins every time I enter my second trimester of pregnancy! And since the season is definitely changing to cooler, I have been itching to get my hands on some lovely, woolly felt. So, I spent this blissful Saturday afternoon creating all kinds of felty goodie goodness!!

   I first made a fun felt flower that turned a plain striped beanie into a stylish little hat for the colder weather up ahead...

   And then I tried my hand at felting a bar of soap and now I am hooked and cannot wait for the shops to open Monday morning so that I can go buy delicious smelling soaps in all shapes and sizes to turn into pretty-pretties for bath time bliss!! When you felt soap like this, you don't need to use a wash cloth - just wash with your gently exfoliating, felt-covered soap! My husband is off to Botswana on a mission outreach at the end of the month and has already asked for one of these to take along for showering with while up there.I strongly doubt his aesthetic appreciation of the whole business, but he obviously knows a good, practical solution when he sees one!

   I am right in the middle of sewing up a storm to get the Joyful Little Ones all covered up for winter. I had just finished a top for Sweetpea this morning that is light pink with playful little dalmations all over, so I thought a felt hair clip with a sweet little pup on one end would look lovely with it. What do you think?




  1. Oh my that felted soap is fantastic!! Also love the beanie...that would look so nice in a photo shoot! Love the clip too...what's not to love!


  2. HI Georgia! Thanks for the kind words - I had TONS of fun making these!! I'll keep a little felted soapie for you when next I see you -the bambinos are just down with the flu at the moment, but we'll get together soon, I promise!

  3. I love the little house - I can understand your children being hesitant to throw out milk or juice cartons. Great idea to have little 'extra's for them to place in different sides of the box each time. Your kids are obviously having FUN.


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