Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Mother's Prayer for Holy Week


At the start of this week, that is so significant to us, so dear, I come before your throne like a pilgrim of sorts:

my travel bags for the week packed full of 'provisions' for every day of the journey - in my case, these are activities and stories and little crafts that I will 'feed' to my children this week together with passages from your Word, hoping to nourish them with Truth; hoping to show them the way to the cross... and the glory beyond it.

And my heart is also packed, full of hope and expectation, deeply desiring for a fresh anointing of your Spirit, your Presence on us this week. Oh, that you will come walk with us, that you will open our eyes and our spirits to see, really see: the magnitude of your Sacrifice, the magnitude of your Love.

Holy One, you know that I have been busy, busy, busy the past few days - a Martha, scurrying here and there to prepare, to get everything just perfect.

But now I come before you like that little boy of old with his simple lunch, and I lay it at Your feet:

Father, in the Name of your Son, Jesus Christ, please take my 'three loaves and two fish', these simple, imperfect things I have prepared for my family. This is what I have to give - take it, Jesus, like you did that day on the mountainside, take this which is so utterly lacking, so very insignificant, and multiply it in the hearts of my family.

 I can teach and instruct them and tell them the age old Story, but only You can reach their hearts. They are so young, Lord, and there is so little understanding yet. But will you please minister to their spirits in a way that is far beyond anything I can do. And even though their minds may not yet comprehend it all, will you reveal to their hearts what You did for them, why they are here, and may their little souls sing out to You from that place beyond words.

Oh, Holy Spirit, take our off-key singing this week, our cracked pots and feeble attempts at bringing You anything that is of worth, and turn it into a sweet smell to fill your throne room, a beautiful sound that will bless Your ears.

And help this mother to rest in You now. Give me a Mary's heart and let me sit at Your feet that I may gaze into Your beautiful face and hear Your life-giving words, let me see Your nail-pierced Hands this week, and open my eyes to Your Love.


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