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Easter Inspiration for Mothers

Here are some wonderfully inspirational posts with ideas for Christian mothers to prepare a meaningful Easter for our families this year:
  • Impress your Kids has a post called Meaningful Easter: Tips, Ideas and Traditions
  • Amanda also has a Week of Easter Activities - Scripture-based, Lamb-not-bunny kind of stuff!!
  • The first paragraph from this post by Katy Orr had me shouting loud Amens!! 
  • His Story to Tell has some truly inspiring ideas. Oh, to be able to hammer our sins to the cross like that!!
  • And Ann Voskamp, as always!! Make an Easter Tree with her free devotional and beautiful pictures to download.
  • Faith and Family Connections share a breathtaking diorama of Jesus praying in the garden...This one will be at the top of my list for next year.
  • Last year I made special scones for my family's Resurrection Sunday Breakfast by cutting out shapes from scone dough: a cross, a lamb and a circle to represent the stone that was rolled away from the tomb!


      AND THEN...

    In my previous post I mentioned an article I recently read on how Christian parents can encourage a meaningful Easter celebration in our homes. I promised to share just a few snippets from this beautifully written piece with you, so may you be inspired!!

    (Please Note: This article appeared in the April 2011 edition of the Afrikaans Christian women's magazine LEEF met hart en siel ((I guess that will translate into LIVE with heart and soul!)) For the benefit of my many Afrikaans readers I include the original here, with the English in italics below it.

    deur Lizette Murray

    "Dis nodig dat ons tasbare klein rituele skep wat vir ons kinders heenwys na die kern van Paasfees: Christus het gesterf. Maar ook: Christus het opgestaan!"

    "We need to create tangible little rituals that will point our children toward the essence of Easter: Christ had died. But also: Christ is risen!"

    "Die simbole van lyding moet gestroop en eerlik wees: dit simboliseer immers intense swaarkry en Jesus se vernedering en absolute Godsverlating"

    "The symbols of suffering should be stripped and honest: after all, it symbolizes intense suffering and Jesus' humiliation and utter God-forsakenness."

    "Vir Ortodokse en Mesiaanse Jode is Paasfees by uitstek 'n GESINSFEES. Ons as Christen-ouers het 'n verantwoordelikheid dat Paasfees nie by ons verbygaan nie. Ons kinders moet ons diep weemoed oor die kruisiging van Jesus saam met ons beleef deur die pieteit en gebrokenheid van hart waarmee ons Jesus op sy Via Dolorosa volg. Terselfdertyd moet ons onbevange vreugde oor Sy opstanding aansteeklik op hulle inwerk deur ons sigbare hartsbelewing van die Besef: Die graf is leeg."

    "For Orthodox and Messianic Jews, Passover is essentially a FAMILY festival. We as Christian parents have a responsibility to not let Easter pass us by. Our children should experience our deep sorrow at Jesus' crucifixion with us through the piety and brokenness of heart with which we follow Him on His Via Dolorosa. And so should they be able to share in our uncontained joy at His resurrection when they see our joy at the realisation that The Tomb is Empty." 

    The writer suggests the following ideas for visible symbols:

    For remembering Jesus' suffering and death:
    * A rough wooden cross
    * A crown of thorns
    * A wreath of red berries
    * Wheat kernels in a bowl
    * Family communion
    * Dark throws and table cloths
    * Small thorny crowns to be hung on each member of the family's door, with a verse of Scripture from Isaiah 35.

    For celebrating Jesus' resurrection:
    * Music from the Bauernmesse in Austria to ring in Resurrection Morn
    * Candles, light
    * Fresh flowers, especially white ones
    * Replacing the dark cloths with pristine white.

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