Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Felt laptop

When I first saw this super-cute idea on Pinterest, I just knew the Little Joyfuls would love it! You can find the tutorial here to make one of your own. I adapted mine a little in terms of colours (using what I had on hand) and by slipping in a thin piece of cardboard between the layers of felt to make it slightly more sturdy. The letters are rub-ons I found in the craft section at our Crazy Store.

The children saw me making this and Sweetpea is very excited about it, but it's actually part of a stash of little treats I am working on for when baby comes. I've cleared a small shelf in my closet where I am collecting handmade toys and homemade activity packs I can pull out as needed in case things get a little busy during those first few weeks.  More about this in a future post!


  1. So so clever!! How I'd love a sneak peak into that cupboard!!! :)

  2. :-) Well, the Wiggles DVD you gave them is in there, still wrapped (Mama just had a sneak peek!) and with the super-cute bottle top card intact!! I feel a little like one of those elves from the Shoemaker story, working at night to come up with goodies for the bambinos.

  3. I love that!! My little ones are always after my laptop, I need to make them one of their own!

  4. That is so adorable and would be great for long car rides. I am a new follower from ABC and 123. Vicky from

  5. Oh this is adorable! I love anything made out of felt. This would be such a fun project to make for my little ones. It turned out great! I look forward to exploring your blog somemore. I would love for you to share this cute idea at my "All Things Wonderful Link Party" I have every Wed.
    Take care,

  6. baie cool! Waar koop jy jou felt? Ek het so paar dinge wat ek wil maak maar kan nie groot hoeveelhede vind nie...

    1. Ek koop myne by Material Mart in NOrthumberland straat, of by Fabric world in Brackenfell. Dis gewoonlik so R49 per meter, maar 'n meter gaan jou 'n goeie paar jaar hou, en jy kan ook kleiner stukke koop.


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