Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Meet Little Rosebud...

It is my great privilege to visit  Grietjie's blog and share with you the birth of her little Rosebud! The newest addition to her already beautiful family was born yesterday afternoon, she is a gorgeous, healthy, perfect little girl and we thank our Lord and Father for keeping both of them safe during the delivery.

Congratulations to both Grietjie and Mike, may God bless you and your beautiful little girl!  Congrats Sweet Pea and ArrowBoy on a gorgeous new  baby sister!

Loads of love
Trudie {Fun with Little Mouse}


  1. Congratulations - and welcome to this very special family, little Rosebud. I've been waiting patiently to meet you.

  2. Oh, so sweet and perfect! Praise the Lord for His protection and new Life! Congratulations Grietjie, Mike, Sweetpea and Arrowboy! What a blessed family! Thank you Trudie, for doing the post on Grietjie's blog!
    Lots of love


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