Thursday, September 8, 2011

Using what we have: Junk mail 'I Spy' Pictures

Our weekly community newspaper usually arrives stuffed with ads from the major supermarkets. These are my two-year old son's favourite reading matter!! He loves to 'read' the pages with me, excitedly identifying familiar products and asking me to name the ones he doesn't know yet.

Last week's offering included two supermarket pamphlets for toy and sweets specials. After we had raided them for pictures of Lightning McQueen for Sweetpea's mini book, ArrowBoy scanned the leftovers and discovered pictures of his favourite - Mickey Mouse (or, as he says it, Meee Nouse..!) He got really excited about a teeny, tiny Mickey on the packaging of some game or puzzle, and this gave my the idea of using these minute little pictures for a simple, inexpensive I Spy page.

This was our first page:

The largest picture measures about 3cm x 2 1/2 cm, and the smallest is a mere 4 mm x 4mm!

I printed some clues for a few things to look for, laminated the sheet for durability and gave it to the children with a magnifying glass - it was a hit! So much so...

... that when I was clearing out some magazines this week, I held on to a catalog from a baby shop, and used it to create an even busier page!

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