Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Drawing butterflies

   This morning Sweetpea wanted to make a gift for her daddy, and we decided to decorate a blank wooden key chain for his house keys. We talked about what she could draw on it, and she asked if I'd show her how to draw a butterfly. I did a simple drawing and handed her the pencil. She did a good job of the head, but when the oblong for the body came out square, she got really upset and wanted to throw in the towel straight away. (She's a bit of a perfectionist that way, and I often have to guide her gently towards taking her time and practicing something if she can't do it perfectly right from the start.)

So I showed her that I don't think a rectangular body is such a bad idea...and when she tried again, she actually did beautifully. This gave her the confidence boost she needed and she promptly flipped the paper over and began covering it in butterflies.

We chatted about how colourful butterflies are and I offered her the felt tip pens, again just gently guiding her towards using different colours for the different parts of the butterfly, as she generally tends to pick only one colour and do the whole drawing in that. She was so taken with her drawings, that the rest of the morning was spent drawing butterflies and flowers!

Here is the key chain she decorated: (the ink bled a little into the grain of the wood)

She was so proud of it, and her dad loved it!

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