Monday, October 24, 2011

Masking tape roads on a stay-inside-day

   When a rather cool spring day kept us indoors for the most part, I remembered a photo I had seen on Pinterest last week of a very clever mommy who used masking tape to map out roads for her son's Hot Wheels on their living room carpet and furniture. (I could not find a blog/site to see where the idea originated, but you can click here to view the picture I am talking about).

  Sooo.... out came the roll of masking tape, and here's how Sweetpea and ArrowBoy spent the morning!

If you look closely at the photo above you can see the road going up and over the armrest of the couch!! It then turned right across the seat to connect again to one of the main roads on the carpet.

See the airport above in the bottom right hand corner? And opposite that is the site from where various (tiny) construction vehicles are dispatched to new building sites all over Carpet Town! And in case anyone is really studying the details of these pictures: Arrow is wearing a rather garishly shining nurse's outfit over his clothes - he found it in his sister's dress up box and when we were reading Nurse Nancy prior to 'building' our roads, he wanted to play the part! (Really need to order Doctor Dan  for him a.s.a.p!!)


  1. Such a clever idea and the kiddos look very busy playing "Town Town".

    Love that it goes all the way over the couch!


  2. Hi Georgia, yes they had tons of fun, and I am having a hard time convincing them that we now need to remove the tape from the carpet!! There's going to be plenty of open tiled floor space at the new house (because we don't have nearly enough furniture to fill the place up with!!), so I will definitely be doing it there again!



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