Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy to be back!! Let's catch up...

   Hello dear friends!! Yes, if you are still following this blog after my very long absence, I do consider you a  friend indeed!! It has been a crazy few months around here, since we moved to our new home at the beginning of December. But we are in and unpacked and rarely a day goes by in which my husband and I do not praise the Lord for the gift of this place! But I'll let the photos tell the story - here's what we got up to in the past month or so:

The very, very bestest part of the new house is the big garden! With little nooks to explore...

...and new little friends who decided this was a lovely spot for a home!

The bunny above just arrived here one morning, came and went through the garden gate for a few days, and then decided to stay. But he was very lonely, so off to the pet shop they went, and came home with two friends - my children's first pets!

And our little red wagon has been getting a regular workout down the hill!

My darling husband treated me with a dining room table the day after we moved in!! What an absolute blessing to have room to entertain!! Here are just some of the many table settings from the past month or so as we've been having precious friends over for meals.

My mother and two of her sisters and 5 of my cousins with their children came for tea one morning - we were 18 people in total and never felt crowded!

We've been on outings...

and there's been a birthday...

and a certain little pumpkin fritter turned three months old!

And I have many, many lovely photographs of the children enjoying the hot weather by jumping over the sprinkler and rolling in the mud, but I can't find a single one in which they are both decently covered up, so you'll just have to take my word for it!

Ahh, and Christmas too!

We made up some cookie bags for our garbage collectors the week before Christmas...

...and on a hot Monday morning they enjoyed their cookies and cold juice and stopped the garbage lorry long enough for a picture with the children.

After church on Christmas morning we came home to put on a Birthday Party for Jesus!! I had baked a chocolate cake the night before and the children had SO much fun decorating a very special cake for our King!!


We sang Happy Birthday, Dear Jesus and then enjoyed some lovely family time and delicious cake as we told the story of Jesus's birth.

It feels so good to be writing here again and I am using some stolen moments here and there to work on a few more posts, so stay tuned!


  1. and I thought it was only the baby. so glad you are back, and in new house,with a garden. please pray for us for a nice homeschool house as we have to move at end of Febr. Esther.

    1. Hi Esther, will definitely be praying for that. We have a school room now and it makes SUCH a difference! I'll post some pictures in a future post. All of the best with the move - it takes a lot out of a person!! Xxx

  2. Wow it all looks so wonderful! Blessings over the new home!

    1. Thanks Donette, we are loving every moment in our new home! And my creative juices are flowing, because it's like being given a huge blank canvass to decorate - thank goodness for Pinterest!!

  3. What a happy post and what a happy time you have been having!! :)

    1. Hi Sweet Georgia! Oh yes, a very happy time! I wish I could post all the pictures we took during December and early January - there's been so many beautiful memories made here already! Looking forward to having you over soon again! Xxx


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