Monday, January 23, 2012

Sweetpea's Fourth Birthday

Her big day in pictures:

The birthday girl and her Daddy at the breakfast table.

We gave her a spiffy new house for her Sylvanian Families. Here
she is giving her dad directions on how to make the
lights work.

We visited Scratch Patch and they LOVED it!!

 I was planning to treat my flower-loving daughter to a beautiful garden-themed birthday party and have been pinning ideas like crazy (see my Garden Party board on Pinterest - click here!)


when I sat her down to start planning and making a guest list, she firmly told me that she wanted a 
tea party 
and that she wanted only to invite her two aunts and her grandmother. I was very surprised (and a little disappointed!), but then again, with such lovely, doting aunties and a grandmother who loves her to bits, it really made good sense to me! So I called them up (and snuck in an invitation for grandpa, too!), and we decided that everyone would be wearing a hat to the party. We got a little creative - and a tad silly - but I think our official party photo, taken by my husband, came out very nice indeed!!

The birthday girl was in her element, wearing her favourite hat with a flower pin and the pink ballet outfit that was one of her gifts.

Now, you need to know that her birthday is the day after New Year's and that here in the Western Cape that's a public holiday, and that between Christmas and New Year's it is already nearly impossible to find anything decent in the supermarkets. So the tea-time treats were a limited but lovely array of nibbles we were able to make with what we had in the house.

On the menu:

A pretty pink cake with sprinkles galore,

pearly marshmallows...

and dainty sunflower sandwiches and pink sugar cookies.

And her favourite gift by far? A set of plastic princess accessories!

Please note, though, that she wasn't the only belle of the ball: Look at this little cutie pie admiring her grandmother's pretty 'Fresh-from-the-Garden' hat!!

Happy birthday, Sweetpea!!


  1. What a lovely party you had!! I love all the pink goodies and Sweetpea looks thrilled with it all!

    1. Oh she loved every moment! And confession time: I was actually relieved that that was all she had wanted. After the big move AND Christmas AND New Year's all happening in less than a month of each other, I was quite exhausted!! But, hey, there's a lovely long year ahead of us still, and I may just convince her to have the garden party as an UN-birtnday party!!

  2. Love that cake Mama! In fact all the eats looks yummy... I might steal some ideas here for someone else's 4th. :)

    1. ((BIG SMILE)) Well helloooo! Look who's decided to become a blogger!! Sies, en jyt' my niks eers gese toe jy Vrydag hier was nie!! Lekker dat jy ook nou kan comment.

      Yup, that cake was yummy. And can you believe how pretty just plain old 100's and 1000's can look?! Have a great day! (And I love the pseudonym!)


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