Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Two simple ribbon toys

Two quick little projects you can whip up after the little ones are in bed tonight!

My sister made this sensory ribbon for Sweetpea for Christmas 2008. She loved it and now it keeps ArrowBoy entertained during little trips in the car. Both my children familiarize themselves with objects by mouthing it, so this has been thoroughly chewed on over the past year and a half! Make sure you sew your buttons on securely!

Sweetpea insists on dressing herself, but battles with buttons, so I made her this button snake.

I sewed the very bottom felt square to the end of the ribbon with a zigzag stitch- hope you can see it in the photo below..

Then I just cut slits in little squares of felt and she can now practice 'buttoning' them onto the ribbon. Nice quiet little activity, perfect for church!


  1. I have an award for you
    Great blog.
    Blessings Bea
    ps.love the first ribbon toy


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