Monday, July 5, 2010

Up to our ears in white glue!

As far as my two-and-half year old is concerned,
some of the bestest things in the whole wide world are
so when I brought both out for craft time today, 
my little girl was in heaven!

We were feeling particularly creative this morning and decided to explore *some* of the creative possibilities of the humble toilet paper roll.

We collected a nice little pile of craft supplies to spice things up....

and here is what we came up with:

First, we dipped pieces of cut toilet paper rolls in paint and used it to print circles on a white page.

We glued a grassy fringe onto blue card.

We then painted the rest of the roll...

and used generous amounts of white glue to paste those TP rings onto our background.

The 'petals' of our TP roll flowers were stuffed with scrunched-up tissue paper...

ArrowBoy had the VERY IMPORTANT job of tasting the tissue paper to make sure it was purple enough:

By the end of it all we were sticking to our picture...and everything else...

...but oh, we were so happy and proud of the result! I just wonder if we shouldn't have used just a tad more white glue, though...just to be sure...


  1. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Great job!!

  2. Grietjie that turned out great! Wonderful creative idea! I love that Arrow Boy also had a very NB job!

  3. LOVE this it turned out adorable! found your blog through Trudie! :) Love her blog! Love your blog

    i'm a follower just wanted to say hi

  4. Hi B.wishes and W.Dreams! Welcome to my blog! So glad you enjoyed our little artistic adventure - it was tons of fun and is still proudly displayed in our living room. Love your blog, too. So glad to have 'met'!


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