Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First steps in sewing: Paper Plate Weaving

One of my daughter's favourite toys for over a year now, is a lacing set where she 'sews' or laces different outfits onto a wooden doll's body. Having played with it over and over and over again over a this past year, she very quickly mastered the basic movements of hand sewing when I recently made her a 'sewing board' out of a recycled polystyrene plate. (Please click here if you missed that post).

It was soon time to move on to something a bit more challenging. First up was sweet little craft kit that required her to do some overhand stitching to complete a craft foam handbag. I think it came out really well, don't you?

And then I saw a picture for paper plate weaving on Pinterest a while ago, and it was the perfect next step! 

Here's the how-to:

(I used small paper plates so as to not discourage her with a project that will take forever to complete.) Glue two paper plates together to make it a bit more sturdy, and then use scissors to cut little notches into the rim of the plate. 

Now loop some wool across the plate, anchoring it in the notches. This is a picture of our first attempt, but the web was too 'dense' and chubby little toddler fingers would have struggled to weave this, so I undid it and only looped it around every second notch. (I really hope I am making sense here??)

Next, thread a plastic needle (available at shops that sell knitting supplies, or in children's craft kits) with wool or yarn of your choice. We are currently learning about pastel colours and a few skeins of soft baby colours was our palette of choice! 

Knot the end of your yarn around one of the strands in the center of your 'web' and start weaving! I did about half of the light green weaving in the center first, just to get out of the denser webbing before I handed it to Sweetpea. 

When you are ready to change colours, just tie the end of your new colour to the last bit of the previous colour and continue merrily along!!

When you have finished your masterpiece, cut loose the loops that formed your web and tie them together in pairs to stop your weaving from unraveling.

Note from this very proud Mama: Apart from about half of the green circle in the center, and me knotting the wool for her when she needed to change colours, Sweetpea did this project entirely on her  own. I showed her how to keep the weaving nice and tight, and she did an EXCELLENT job of this - I am VERY proud of my 3 1/2 year old for her beautiful work!!

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  1. Her finished weaving is going to be beautiful. This is a great idea!

  2. It looks just wonderful! what an great idea!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. So sweet!
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  4. I have been thinking of finding a simple way to get my girls started w/weaving & this looks perfect! Thanks for sharing!

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