Thursday, July 7, 2011

Frederick - collage

We are LOVING the story of Frederick by Leo Lioni ,which we currently have on loan from the library.

Since we've been sick sick sick for the past week or so, heaps of time were spent reading together in an attempt to chase away the swine flu blues!!  And although this Mama was fairly limited in terms of range of intonation due to a horrible throat infection, we still really enjoyed reading this sweet story about five little field mice. We could SO relate to their misery when winter came and they were stuck in their the cold stone wall, but like them, we were thrilled that Frederick had faithfully done his share of 'gathering' during the summer months, and now he cheered us all with his memories of warm sun rays, and the colours of the meadow in summer, and his beautiful poetry about the seasons!

And now that we are all over the worst of it and feeling a little stronger, I thought it would be fun to do a very simple Frederick collage. Sweetpea really likes using her scissors and glue, so I just drew the basic shapes for our picture on scraps of coloured paper and asked her to cut them out.

The raggedness of her toddler-cutting echoes the torn paper edges of the original illustrations! Good for practicing cutting, and just a fun little activity to enhance our delight with this darling book!

Adding details with a black marker.

..and a bright, yellow sun!

Her masterpiece!! :-)

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