Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Projects Day 4 : A rainbow of hearts!

  One of my favourite pictures on my Pinterest Valentine's Day board, is one of a 'forest' of felt hearts-on-sticks. You can see the original post here - this crafty lady sewed up a bunch of brightly coloured felt hearts, stuffed them with a little polyfill, and used a glue gun to attach then to wooden dowels. I didn't like the idea of gluing them to the sticks, as this would give them a distinct front and back. But my sweet friend Georgia from Love and Lollipops recently made heart pencil toppers where she left a little opening at the bottom of the heart to push the pencil into. So I combined the two ideas and now have a pretty rainbow of hearts brightening our dining room!

Why not whip up a batch of these to brighten your rooms during this month of love?!

You will need:

Scraps of felt in any colours you like
Needle and embroidery thread
Wooden skewers (I used kebab sticks)

1. Cut a heart shape out of card.

2. Using the pattern, cut two felt hearts of every colour you are using.

3. Starting just a little above the bottom of the heart, sew the two pieces together using blanket stitch. Do not work all the way around, but stop just a few millimeters before the bottom, thus leaving an opening for your skewer to fit through.

4. Pop onto the skewers.

5. Collect a few empty glass jars and arrange your hearts inside. You may now decide to trim some of your skewers to make them shorter, or keep them all the same length. Have fun arranging them on your windowsill...or kitchen table...or surprise your children with a bouquet of hearts on their bedside tables!!

I had such a LOVE-ly time making these hearts! It was a lazy Friday afternoon, and we worked on the living room floor where Baby Rosebud could watch us sew all the pretty colours. The older two wanted to join in, so I gave them a needle and thread and cut them a set of their own hearts to sew. They did so well!! Here is Sweetpea's version - she used an overhand stitch!

While we worked, we told stories and laughed and I delighted in their questions and comments. And every time I look at these felt hearts, I cherish the memories of the time spent making them with my sweet, precious children. Truly a heartFELT project!! :-)

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  1. WOW!! These are beautiful!! And I love your photos - I'm very impressed :)

    Thanks so much for linking to me too!!

    Also cannot believe that Sweetpea can stitch like that!! She'll be making her own clothes soon..heehee

    See you all soon

    1. Hi dear friend, so happy to have you back online! Thanks for the kind compliment on the photos, the new white kitchen counter helps!! :-) Looking forward to getting together when you are up to it. Lots of love Xxx G

  2. Thanks for your comment on my Valentine's Sensory Bin. Actually the baby did not care for the letter in the mailbox, he wanted it out and wanted to use the ruler as a spoon to stir up something in the mailbox, LOL. I am a new follower on your blog now.
    Lori @ Cachey Mama’s Classroom


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