Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Projects Day 6: Dragon Tails

 Did I ever tell you about the day the doctor told me that our second child was a boy?? I was 16 weeks pregnant, and convinced it was another little girl, because....

 1.) that's what the doctor said it looked like at my 12 week visit, and

 2.) why on earth would God ever entrust ME with a boy?!

          I am the eldest of four GIRLS. 

In a family of 15 cousins, there were only 4 boys, and I never really took too much notice of them, but oh, all of us GIRLS were so close! 

And my firstborn was a GIRL, and it was wonderful

    So when the doctor went a little pale and admitted that he had made a mistake on the previous scan, I broke down and bawled, sobbing: "But I can't even catch a ball! What is going to become of him????"

In love with my little guy, 7 weeks old

   I am happy to say that when the shock eventually wore off, I became quite taken with the idea of having a son, and oh, then they placed that little guy in my arms...and I was smitten!! And I am not in the least bit shy about the fact he has me firmly wrapped around his little finger!


    That doesn't mean the boy-thing always comes naturally to me, and this has become quite evident in matters surrounding our dress-up box! My construction-loving, tough-as-nails little Big Man would all too often emerge from his sister's room decked out in a tutu, handbag over the shoulder, and his fireman hat! It had just never occurred to me that boys also need dress-up clothes! *blush*

Pinterest to the rescue! I've just recently started a Dress-up board and I'm glad to say that it contains roughly equal numbers of girl AND boy outfits that I hope to make for my team! And the first one I tried my hand at?


  There is a fantastic step-by-step tutorial for these on Tatertots and Jello. The directions were clear and very simple to sew - I think the whole thing took me just under an hour from cutting the fabric to tying it around Arrow's hips. 

(For you local ladies, I've found it really worthwhile buying a measuring tape with inches on one side and centimeters on the other - it's very handy when doing projects like this one by American bloggers. I don't even try to convert, but just simply follow their directions using inches.)

Arrow just recently discovered dinosaurs, so we called this a dinosaur tail, and he had great fun chasing his sister around the garden making deep, growly, super-scary dinosaur sounds!!

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