Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Baby Einstein...or not!

A while ago I published a post about how you are the best gift you can give your child and the reaction I received, especially via e-mail and even telephone, was almost overwhelming! At around the same time I heard of a lady who is a staunch believer in the Baby Einstein DVD's - her toddlers spend up to four hours a day watching it. There is no way that a television and even the most professionally produced DVD's in the world can replace the learning that takes place as we spend time with our children.
They can't touch the colours on a TV screen, but they can when rolling play dough into little balls or snakes with mom.

They can't touch the fluffy little ducklings on the screen, but they can touch real ones on a weekend outing with Dad to the petting farm.

A DVD can show them an empty and full glass, but it won't register untill they are standing on a step stool by the kitchen sink while you wash the dishes, pouring the lovely warm rinsing water from cup to cup!

Anyway, back to Baby Einstein. I recently happened upon an article by Nikki Busch on her blog Bright Ideas Outfit. Nikki is considered one of South Africa's experts on educational toys and popular for her Toy Talk workshops.She cited a headline article from the New York Times that read No Genius in your crib? Get a Refund! It was about how Disney, the producers of the Baby Einstein series, is now offering refunds to parents who bought these DVD's as educational tools. You can read the article from the Times here - I highly recommend it. And for a brilliant example of how real-life, hands on education is benefitting one local family, check out my friend Linnie's blog post, The Learning Lifestyle.

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