Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tangram in the kitchen

Last week I wrote about the fun we had playing around with our
set over the long weekend.

(you can read that post by clicking here.)

I was researching something completely different today and came accross this great idea for getting the whole family to enjoy tangram everytime they head to the fridge for a snack!

Buy some self-stick magnets or magnetic tape from a craft shop, adhere it to the back of each tangram piece and stick them all on the fridge!
Put a magnet on a bull clip, too, and use this to hold on of the design cards.
You can swap the card around every day.

And for some competitive fun during the school holidays:
Let the younger children make a 'trophy' out of an empty, plastic cooldrink bottle,
fill it with treats,
and put a score card on the frigde next to your tangram magnets.
Whoever solved the most tangram puzzles by the end of the holidays,
get the trophy for
Tangram champion!

I got the idea for this here.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! The Tangram in our home has been taken out and put away many times, due to frustration on my son's(and my) part, as this is really a very difficult game! I am going to try this idea and give him the solutions(as you have also suggested) and see how he responds to it. I think I'll be playing too! Thanks Grietjie!

  2. Looking forward to hear how your family is taking to this. I have to warn you - it is addictive!I find myself spending a lot of time in front of the fridge...which I guess is better than spending time INSIDE it! Enjoy the mental workout!


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