Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Felt Board Fun

I love felt boards! The whole idea just brings back so many pleasant childhood memories of Sunday school classes where we sat, mouths agape, as we watched the teacher smooth her hands over the beautiful pictures of Bible characters as she told us the stories. My mother eventually bought us our own felt board and books with press-out pictures that had little strips of felt on the back, and I spent hours telling myself the story of Jesus' birth while organizing the pictures just so!  And isn't there just something almost 'organic' about handling pieces of felt?

So, about a week ago I made a lovely, lightweight felt board for Sweetpea's room, using a piece of tan coloured felt I had sitting in my fabric cupboard for ages! I sell felt boards from the Suczezz range of educational toys, but I'm a bit of a pain about matching decor, and since theirs come in blue or green, it would clash with the creams and dusty pinks of her bedroom... Some of their felt board themes came in handy, though! As soon as the felt board was done, I gave Sweetpea the SHAPES pack to try out - it was an instant hit!

About half of the shapes from the SHAPES theme pack, here on the green Suczezz felt board.

But what had inspired me to make the felt board in the first place, was the WEATHER & DATES theme I had bought her a while ago. Since she's not reading yet, I thought I'd keep it in the cupboard for another year or so, but it did give me the idea to make a weather board using pictures. With the milder autumn days bringing a bit of a nip to the air around evening time, we've been talking a lot about winter clothes and summer clothes, and observing the weather every morning before choosing an outfit. So I took the clouds and rain pictures out of the pack, made a more cheery sun and had a ton of fun cutting out a tree onto which Sweetpea can stick leaves according to the season.  I've added the rest of the WEATHER & DATES theme to this picture so you can see what it looks like .

I was having way too much fun to quit then, so I visited http://www.makingfriends.com/ for some templates to make a boy and girl to play under the tree! My friend Georgia over at Love and Lollipops recently posted on this great website, where you can download free paper dolls, as well as clothes, hairstyles, and accessories for your dolls!  I made a felt version in no time and will now be adding to the wardrobes so Sweetpea can dress her dolls according to the weather!

The tree in it's autumn outfit!

To see the rest of the felt board themes in the Suczezz range, visit the online catalogue by clicking here and here. If you would like to order any of the themes, or the felt boards, please e-mail me! And if you are feeling inspired and want to make your own felt pieces, you can now also order your felt from me!

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