Monday, June 7, 2010

First Felt Food!

Last year at exactly this time I was almost 8 months pregnant with my ArrowBoy, and like my mother before me, the pregnancy hormones of that last trimester spurred me on to
new creative heights
( my mother wallpapered her entire bedroom when she was 7 months pregnant with her fourth baby),
and so I took a class in
needle felting.

A needle felted door baby I made for a little friend.

 I was smitten with this new craft and spent the last part of my pregnancy happily making colourful felt beads, a ladybug brooch for Sweetpea, and a funky hot pink scarf for myself!

But when I started searching the Internet for more needle felting ideas, I also discovered another little hobby that was right up my alley:
 making FELT FOOD!

The lady who taught the needle felting class also sold craft kits for children for making
felt cupcakes,
and I immediately bought a kit and made two yummy cupcakes for Sweetpea, which we still enjoy 'tucking into' at our little tea parties! (The beauty of felt food: its amazing shelf life! It still looks fresh a year down the line!)

So when I started bloggin earlier this year I was delighted to discover that there are hundreds of blogging moms who share my passion for felt food! I have been bookmarking blogs that inspire me, and this week I finally decided to add a new dimension to my current
love affair with felt
(click on the label for felt boarding in the side bar to see what I've been up to).
Yep, I went 3-D, and made some
fabulously fun felt food!

I simply couldn't resist this
gorgeous, cream-topped cupcake delight
from Katja at Maedchen Mit Herz. Click on the link to see the original on her oh-so-pretty blog!
(she also has a great tutorial if you want to make your own)
I think I made the base part on mine a little too high, and my white felt is also a bit stiffer than hers, so it doesn't 'fall' quite as softly, but I am happy with the result just the same!

For the
strawberry on top
 I made a mini-version of these by CJ over at Pink Tea....

and then made her heart-shaped sugar cookies, too!

Then a few felt lollipops that I saw over at One Inch World, and I had to call it a day since it was supper time, and felt food was just not going to satisfy my family!

(sorry, I just can't get this photo to turn sideways!)

Next I am going to make popcorn, and then it's on to the healthy stuff: fruit and veggies and maybe even a few eggs! So watch this space! And if all this has made your fingers tingle, remember that I sell sheets of craft felt in a wide variety of colours, so drop me a line if you are interested!


  1. These are all too beautiful!! I am afraid that I have no confidence when it comes to a sewing needle! I'll have to come and take some lessons! Happy Felting!

  2. All the felt food looks good enough to eat!

    JC turned 4 in May. How about your Sweetpea?

  3. I love these! How beautiful. I must try your cream-topped cupcake. Maybe I can get it in as an extra little birthday gift for my daughter. That is truly too beautiful.


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