Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fly that Foamie Flag!

I sent out a newsletter this week with our latest specials for June, as well as prices for the great craft kits and supplies we now sell, and a few moms were intrigued by the packs of
 craft foam
I mentioned and asked for some ideas.

With the
2010 FIFA World Cup
less than a week away, you can hardly turn around without seeing our national flag!
Almost every car we pass has one flapping in the wind; there are flag stickers on everything from packs of minced meat to crayons; the supermarkets are really going all out: the aisles and shelves and till points - and cashiers! - are all decorated in either flags or soccer balls or Bafana-jerseys!
 I LOVE it - especially for the teachable moments it offers!

Sweetpea wanted in on all the excitement and so we bought her a little
car flag
 of her own.
(But instead of mounting it on the window, she prefers waving it vigorously from her car seat for the duration of any little trip to the shop!)
But what an excellent opportunity to
teach her the colours of our flag!

Here's what you need:

A black and white line drawing of the South African flag
Card stock OR a sheet of white craft foam
White glue
Craft foam in the colours of the flag.

Here's what you do:

Draw the flag design onto your cardboard or craft foam in the size you want.

Cut the shapes of the flag from the correct colours. Mom can do this step for the little ones, and older children can cut theirs out by themselves.

Now glue the foam pieces onto your piece of cardboard or foam.

And here's where the teachable moment comes in: teaching flag protocol to your little one while having fun! Explain to them that the correct way for the flag to be hoisted, is with the
 RED  at the TOP!
Also, when the flag is hung vertically, the red should always be on the LEFT.

Whenever you are out and about during the next five weeks of soccer frenzy, try to spot any flags that are upside down or the wrong way around. If your toddler isn't shy, she may even point out the mistake to shop managers or Bafana fans in the wrong!

And if you are just having way too much fun making these flags and don't want to stop with only one, why not string a whole bunch of them together for a
patriotic banner
over the front door?!

To read the GOVERNMENT'S OFFICIAL DOCUMENT on flag protocol, please click here. 
(This is a quick read and quite interesting! I think inquisitive little minds may find some of the facts fascinating, and you may learn a thing or two as well!)


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  2. Hi there! I love this idea & would like to feature it on my blog if you don't mind. I just wanted to ask before I assumed since there are pictures of your little one. Let me know, I'd love to post it today. Thanks for following s.b.creatively! I'm so jealous of your closeness to the World Cup. I would love to be there enjoying the energy!

  3. Hi s.b. - I will be honoured if you use it, go ahead with pleasure!! I have to admit that the excitement is just about tangible here!! The slogan of our national broadcaster is "Feel it, it is here" and I think it is the most accurate way of describing the vibe! I really hope that your friend has a wondeful time in our beautiful country and that you guys get some good coverage of all the events over there. Whenever a South African player scores a goal, we shout LADUMA!! (Thought you could use that for some impressive dinner party trivia!)

  4. Thanks again, I'm working on a post right now. I'll definitely use LADUMA for some conversation while we're watching & maybe even in my post!
    Again, enjoy it all! Go USA!!! Sara


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