Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Celebrating SPRING DAY Joyful Mama Style!

At around 17h30 yesterday afternoon I was busily preparing a hearty potato soup for supper. We had just returned from our afternoon walk-around-the-block and let me tell you, it was nippy, to say the least! As I was stirring the soup and dreamily thinking how I am looking forward to summer, it hit me that TODAY - Wednesday 1 September - IS SPRING DAY!!

I had listened to the weather forecast earlier and already knew that today was going to be even more miserable than yesterday, but oh, just the thought of Spring Day was so delicious that I knew I just had to do something to celebrate! The last time I had made a really special Celebration Breakfast for my dear ones, was on Resurrection Sunday in April  (you can click here to see how we celebrated that day, Joyful Mama style). That was in autumn, and now that winter is *theoretically if not visibly * on it's way out, it was high time I treated the Joyful Household to a merry little breakfast once again.

The thing was just that it was about an hour before supper, and by the time bathtime and bedtime was over, the shops would be closed. So I very casually asked The Dad if he minded watching the bambinos while I just dash off to the shop quickly. He agreed and I quietly and mysteriously slipped out to see what I could come up with in about 20 minutes!!

To make a long story short, here is what my family woke up to this morning:

Don't you just love love love that tissue paper pom-pom?! I whipped it up in about half an hour, thanks to instructions I found here. Will definitely be making more of these for future celebrations!

I bought the pretty vinyl table cloth from the plastics shop about 5 minutes before closing time!! I got two meters, so it is long enough to use on the picnic bench outside in summer, too!

Breakfast was our usual oats porridge, jazzed up with a kiwi and strawberry flower!

A little feathered friend was perched on the sugar bowl...

...and the children each got a special Spring Day drinking cup for their juice!

It was a hit!

Smiles all around!

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  1. What a beautiful way to share breakfast, you are a very special mama :)


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