Monday, September 20, 2010

Play Dough Apples

We had so much fun making playdough cupcakes with our scented dough, that Sweetpea asked me bright and early this moring to get it out again. Today we made some apples, as inspired by My Montessori Journey! Sweetpea loved it and re-made them several times!

We started with cinnamon-scented, red play dough, tiny twigs and silk leaves.

Add a stem...

 Then a leaf..

And an apple a day keeps the play time blues away!

So cheery!!

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  1. So sweet. It certainly is fun to use all sorts of bits and pieces with your playdough. Creating with cinnamon scented playdough must be wonderful.

    We would be delighted to join you on Thursday for some creative playdough fun and I will be sure to blog about it by the 25th of September.


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