Sunday, September 26, 2010

A perfectly play-doughy weekend!

I think I could probably write a song to the tune of The Twelve days of Christmas to tell about everything we've done with our home-made play dough the past few days. I honestly never expected Sweetpea to have SO much fun from a few cups of flour and some salt! She's had shop-bought play dough since she was about 18 months old and played with it regularly, but she can't get enough of the home-made variety. I will never buy dough again!

 So, here's how we celebrated Play Dough Day Weekend!!

 On the first morning Sweetpea worked on some wildly creative sculptures using the red cinnamon-secented and glitter dough we used for our cupcakes and apples last week.

Yep, she's still in her jammies and that mop of hair had not seen the right side of a hair brush yet!!

Excellent fine-motor practice!

The one on the right looks like a Rastafarian alien, don't you think?!

The next day I made a fresh batch of blue, to add to our red and yellow.  The blue was still warm and before we started playing *seriously*, she just enjoyed kneading a little of the blue, and then a little of the cold red, delighted by the difference in temperatures!

We have read and read and re-read the book Mouse Paint the past few weeks and Play Dough Day was the perfect opportunity for some practical colour mixing!

We followed the story as we played.

Mixing blue and yellow to make green - very good excercise for little fingers!

Our lovely colour wheel!

We placed  the balls of dough in a large circle...

...and went hunting for toys and things from the garden that matched each colour. She insisted on the pink grapes being with the green pile because she says real grapes are green. Clever girl!

Then we abandoned the piles and just had soooo much fun making all kinds of things with our dough! Sweetpea created a large collection of doughy sausages which she arranged in patterns on our cutting board....

...while I had some fun of my own!

It was just a matter of time before she discovered the lovely effects she could create by mxing the colours, and we had a grand time making beautiful rainbow dough!

By the end of play on day one, it looked like this. I left the dough in an ice cream container on the kitchen counter, and was requested to take it out before breakfast every morning this weekend!

By Sunday afternoon most of it looked like this....

A pudgy little baby finger poking holes in the dough while sitting on Mama's lap! And trying out the rolling pin, too!

And then this afternoon I received a comment from Anna over at The Imagination Tree, telling about the fun they've been having making play dough ITALY, nonetheless!!! They are there on holiday and you just have to go see the beautiful pictures she took of her eldest and the amazing nature-pizzas they've created!

Isn't she gorgeous??!! And that pizza looks super-yummy!

Wishing you a blessed week!

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