Friday, October 22, 2010

Creation Collage

I think spring is a great time to be learning about how God created the earth!

We have had tons of fun every morning with our Creation Bean Bags, and reading and singing about God's handiwork. And after all that, we sat down every morning to work on our lovely creation collage. I was hoping to give you day-by-day pictures, but I have been having some camera issues, so can only share with you the end result:

For the background we used a large, very thick cardboard circle, and every day we added collage elements according to the particular day of Creation we were studying.

Not bad facial features for a 33 month old! Old Adam could maybe have looked a little more pleased with his newly acquired help meet, though! Sweetpea says the green is their hair. 

The sea is tin foil glued onto the board, and then painted over. Sweetpea liked painting on the textured, wrinkled foil.

Our moon is the top of a baby powder bottle. And it has a story: Late one Monday afternoon I was dreamily stirring a pot of something on the stove and relishing the fact that our house was so lovely and clean after a hard day of cleaning. I was right in the middle of savouring that thought when Sweetpea tugged at my skirt and said: "Mamma, I think you should come see what ArrowBoy is doing with the powder."

He had taken the cap off with his teeth and dumped the entire bottle of baby powder on Sweetpea's bedroom carpet. By the time I arrived, they have had a chance to walk around a bit, and I only had to follow the little white footprints down the carpeted passage to find the scene of the crime. Powder in our hair, on our clothes, in our library books... But how can anyone be upset about a mess that smells so great?!

These clouds used to be much fluffier...but thenArowBoy got a hold of them and...well, ate them. Yes. That's my boy: Little Cloud Eater. Sounds like the name of an Indian Brave, doesn't it?! *Giggles*

Sweetpea really enjoyed working on this and couldn't wait for her brother to go for his nap every morning so we could get into it! (For obvious reasons! We just forgot to put it out of his way when he woke up on that day we did the clouds...!) And when Daddy came home for lunch, she very excitedly showed off her latest addition to the picture. I found it a fun and concrete way to teach the subject.

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  1. I really like how you added to one project every day instead of making 7 different projects each day. That really ties it all together. And it turned out great.


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