Friday, October 8, 2010

A lunchtime to remember...

    On Wednesday last week my mom and I loaded the little ones in the car and drove off into the glorious spring day, winding our way through the Stellenbosch winelands, through strawberry fields and past pastures with grazing cows, to finally end up at Thelema, the wine farm where one of my younger sisters work. I actually had an appointment in a little town on the way, and called my sister earlier that morning to ask if we could pop in during her lunch time to say hi while we were in the area.

    The tasting room and cellar at Thelema is modern and sleek and I will admit that I always feel a little out of place there with my boisterous little ones around my ankles and a nappy bag over my shoulder (which is why we really don't go there very often). When I had visited her there previously, she had been on duty and we just had a quick, quiet visit on the small deck outside the tasting room. This time, however, she had an hour long lunch break during which a colleague would be relieving her of her duties, and she lead us around the imposing farm house and past some outbuildings and workshops to the pond that overlooks the breathtaking Simonsberg. And just like that what was going to be a quick, courteous little visit, turned into a time of refreshment for my soul in the middle of a crazy week!

In the woods beside the pond we found a beautiful peacock, and Sweetpea tiptoed through the woodpile for a closer look...

...and was rewarded with this:

My mom and I were drinking in the beauty and quiet.

ArrowBoy was fascinated by the peacock and I got super excited everytime this exquisite bird bristled its feathers!

He discovered pine cones with Ouma...

...while Aunt A took Sweetpea for a walk...

..and they discovered a little boat... which Sweetpea rowed away.

A rowing lesson on the Sea of Emerald Grass...

...and my daughter deep in thought as she took in the beauty around her.

Another small person in awe of the big, beautiful world...

Still amazed at that peacock over there!!



  1. wow that place is so pretty! simply breathtaking :) thanks for sharing :)

  2. Hi Mrs Wonderland!! Yes, it took my breath away. And to think my sister works there every day!! Thanks for taking the time to enjoy the memories with me. Have a beautiful weekend!


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