Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How we use our creation bean bags

One of our favourite CD's is The Singing Bible that I ordered from Focus on the Family two Christmasses ago. Sweetpea was still a bit young then and the snippets of narration between the songs didn't appeal to her then, but I took it out again a few months ago, and now it is requested daily!

(South African readers: Click on the link above to order from Kalahari.net)

The set consists of four CD's that tell the story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation through song and short bits of narration that tie it all together. My favourite things about this set are, firstly, the message of God's love that runs through all the songs like a golden thread, and secondly, the wide variety of music genres that were used.

One of our favourite songs is track three on the first CD, called God made the Universe! and since we've been learning about the wonderful way in which God created the world in six days, I decided to use this song as a starting point for our learning. To make it more concrete and visual, I made six felt 'pockets' for our bean bags - one for each day of the Creation story. If you missed the post earlier this week, you can click here to see how I made them.

So here is how we play:

First we read the Creation Story from the Children's Bible each morning.

Then I bring out the appropriate bean bag for that day and we discuss the picture on it.

Then it is music time! Although we sing the whole song through every morning, on the first morning we only played with the Day One bean bag. Whenever the words: "Day One - God made the night and the day!" were sung, Sweetpea and I would toss the bean bag to each other, and then continue with the actions we made up for the chorus. The following day we added the Day Two bean bag, the next day the Day Three one, an so on. As the number of bean bags increase, so does the fun, and we usually end up in an exhausted, giggling heap from trying to catch and toss all the bags!

We have also played with these by lining the bags up in a row on our living room floor, and as each day is called out in the song, we would hop over to the appropriate bag - lovely gross motor fun on less-than-perfect spring days!

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