Monday, October 18, 2010

Papier Mache Houses

Welcome to Rainbow Juice Box Village!

I just couldn't resist the shape of these empty juice boxes - it was begging me to turn them into little houses!

So I cut out the doors and windows with a craft knife...

And gave them a single layer of papier mache - just strips of newspaper dipped in diluted white glue - and left them in the sun to dry.

Then one coat of white PVA paint (latex paint, if you are in the US)...

And the best part of all: painting them in pretty pretty rainbow colours! I sealed it all with two layers of water-based, non-toxic varnish.

I left them in the pot of pansies while I went in to grab my camera, and would you believe it, when I got back, some friendly new neighbours had already moved in!!

If you ever have trouble getting into your house, the resident Big Friendly Giant will kindly assist you.

And if you get tired of the country setting and would like a taste of the hustle and bustle of Big City Life, that can be arranged, too! This gives new meaning to the term 'mobile home!'


  1. Grietjie, these are too beautiful!!!! I'm having a little giggle, because I converted some of my juice boxes into the houses for the three little pigs!! I haven't shared them yet, as I still need to make my little pigs and one big bad wolf! Your houses are just way cuter, that's all I'll say :)!!!

  2. I love these! This was such a cute creative idea.

  3. THese are soooooo cute! I think I"m going to make some and use them as a "learning to post letters/mailbox" idea - thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Katie, thanks for stopping by - we've been having tons of fun with these!

  5. Linnie - hi friend! Thanks for the compliment, and congratulations on your card award!!

  6. Michelle, that is a SUPER idea! My daughter is fascinated with the post office at the moment, so that may very well be something I will consider doing, too! Thanks for popping in to say hello!

  7. This looks so fun and very pretty. Glad you shared.

  8. Those are SUPER cute! I wouldn't have ever thought of that, but wow, those are adorable!

  9. I LOVE these!! So effective, so cute and I bet they loved them!

  10. Great idea! The village is adorable - and I love that so many different things can be done with it!

  11. I am going to link to this post as part of my Friday Favourites today!


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