Tuesday, November 30, 2010


     Oh my goodness, did we have fun this afternoon!!! A while ago I wrote down a recipe for clean mud, and when boredom seemed to be looming on the horizon earlier today, I rallied the troops and we all had a hoot making a batch of the stuff.

Here's the recipe:

  1. Tear about 1 and 1/2 rolls of toilet paper into squares and place in a large, shallow tub.
  2. Grate half a bar of white baby soap, and add to the toilet paper.
  3. Add about 5 cups of warm water.
  4. Stir with your hands until creamy. It will take about 15 minutes to get a really creamy consistency, but the little people got impatient, so we quit after about 7 minutes and got on with playing!
I put them in the bath tub with the tub-o'-mud between them and they had a blast! (Next time we will do it outside, though, as the soap made it all very slippery)

I was surprised at how well the mud kept it shape - it felt like working with a nice, creamy clay. We made a batch of mud pies, and even a tower. The highlight was when I hosed them down with the shower head afterwards!!

 There was little dots of clean mud EVERYWHERE, because we had SO much fun squelching it between our fingers and watching it fly! I don't DARE suggest it until they are much older, but this stuff will make the best ever kleilatte! (I am not sure if there is an English word for this?) As children we used pot clay to make a little ball which we formed around the tip of a willow branch and used as ammunition in kleilat-battles!! I know there must be someone just about fainting at this suggestion, but we spent many a Friday afternoon squealing with the excitement of a kleilat-battle, and proudly showing off our bruises afterwards.

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  1. Seriously cool!!!(That's all I can say)

  2. Hey, kleilatte was so much part of this plaasjapie's life. I forgot about it. With two boys I might just someday tell them about it, and try this recipe.


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