Thursday, November 18, 2010

Water Painting

Our friend Little E came over for a play date on Tuesday. She's just become a big sister and since we know what a lot of work a newborn can be, we thought she could do with a break, so we had her over for a morning of fun in the sun!

I filled a bucket with lovely cool water, the girls each grabbed a paint brush, and for the rest of the morning they happily painted our outside wall! 

Such a nice, big canvas - so much room for artistic expression!

ArrowBoy was having his nap while all this was going on, but after Little E had gone home, he just took over where she had left off.

Sweetpea then moved her attention to the rest of the garden...

And the house...

It is now two days later and they are still at it! I just top up the bucket from time to time, and grin from ear to ear as I manage to tick things off my to do list at alarming speed, while the bambinos are so happily occupied with this super-simple pastime!

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