Friday, November 26, 2010

Theme of the Week: Ice cream days

When Summer finally reached our shores, I was so thrilled that I decided for just a few days to try and forget about the  horrible additives and other yucky stuff on the ingredients list of a tub of ice-cream, and we celebrated the warm weather with some sweet coolness!

Sweetpea has been very interested lately in the way ice cubes 'disappear' in her drinking glass, so we started our Ice Cream Days by observing things that melt: an ice-cube and a small scoop of vanilla ice-cream was left on the kitchen counter, and every few minutes we would go check on what was happening. And this super simple scientific exercise cleared up the mystery and added a few more words to her vocabulary!  

We practiced counting and recognising the number of dots with a home-made ice-cream cone game I made out of felt. The die is a polystyrene cube and I only drew on one, two and three dots, since we are currently working on those.

On Sunday afternoon the Dad took us for soft serves at the beach, but Mama forgot to bring the camera!!
However, there was plenty of tasting opportunities during the rest of the week!

Ice-cream on a stick...

Ice-cream from a tub, eaten with a little wooden spoon...

And even some yummy chocolate and hazelnut flavoured frozen yoghurt!

Sweetpea was DELIGHTED when she woke up from her nap one afternoon to find that she had become the proprietor of an ice-cream stand!

Its just a large box covered with butcher paper, two bamboo stakes I use for my tomato plants and little bowls of pretend ice-cream things!

The wind got a bit wild, though, so we moved our premises indoors, which means all paying customers could now also sit down at our cafe table to enjoy their desert!

I folded the cones from biscuit-coloured cardboard, and stapled it together. The ice-cream is extra large pom-poms, and the cherries are small pom-poms through which I stuck a pin. Sweetpea knows how to work with pins, but I removed these when ArrowBoy woke up.We also had paper napkins, but they were used by the very messy customers when I took the photo below. That chubby little hand is reaching into our 'cash drawer' for some change.

"No, you can't have pizza, it says ICE-CREAM, right there!"

"One peach-flavoured ice-cream cone coming up!"

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  1. Gorgeous - nothing better than to be able to play shops with your very own shop :)

  2. Hi Jenny! A day after publishing this post I saw the ice cream shop you made for Immy - BEAUTIFUL!! I think I will use it as inspiration for the post office I plan to build in the next week or so. Thanks for visiting, and for inspiring so many of us!

  3. This looks like such fun! I bet she played with it for hours.

  4. Now this is my kind of week - ice-cream week!! All your activities are super cute and I especially love the ice-cream shop. We too play ice-cream "cream" shops a lot.

  5. Our ice cream shop has been just about loved to death! Love your pom pom ice cream scoops, what a great idea


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