Monday, November 29, 2010

This is the way we wash!

So here's the situation: We have ONE step stool, and TWO eager dish washers in this household. It DOES NOT work to try and have them stand side-by-side to help me do the dishes. 

So one morning earlier this week, just as I had started to carry the breakfast dishes to the sink, the two bambinos eyed each other suspiciously for a moment. and then both made a bee-line for the bathroom to see who would get to the stool first. Sweetpea is faster, but Arrow curled himself around that stool like a little octopus and w-o-u-l-d... n-o-t... l-e-t... g-o!!!!

So I gingerly stepped over their writhing, hysterical bodies and fetched two plastic tubs, which I promptly filled with warm soapy water and tiny sponges. Instant smiles all around as I tied the aprons on, and off they went, merrily washing their toys dishes.

Of course, I should have guessed that they would wriggle themselves out of their clothes at the first opportunity...

...and it was just a matter of time before she climbed in!

Needless to say, I got the dishes done, and some admin, and had a cup of tea all by myself while sitting down!! thanks to the sudsy fun they were having. 

And afterwards I dried those gorgeous little bodies with a fluffy towel and my heart skipped a beat at the joy of smelling their early-morning-sun-bathed skins and feeling the joy just oozing out of them as they hugged my neck...  


  1. It looks like it turned into bath time.

  2. I love these spontaneous moments of childhood in action :)

  3. I only have one eager dishwasher (the other one is too little still) and he gets in my way sometimes ;) This is a great idea. I can't wait for it to warm up here so we can try it out.


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